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Tohir sermon after cheap nike air max 1 the game: “I would like to thank all the players gave a great game, it really was a great night. Palacio said this is the best score of his career, Zanetti, cambiasso, long Yu is the team’s leader. “As we all know, now inter is in a” power vacuum “: Javier Zanetti has over 40 years of age, suffered a cruciate ligament injury air max 90 for sale this year, although it is still the absolute main inter ’s, but cambiasso and inter’s contract will expire in six months.
Hutch has entered a new era of Milan, which cheap nike air max 90 vt make the Derby more meaningful. “We can’t compare the two teams, Milan was third last season, their teams didn’t change. But Tohir would not put us under pressure, I always haunting after losing, but these days thanks to Hill comforted me not too seriously. He was pleased with our performance in Naples, he accepts that we are on the right track. “Mazari said,” no matter what the score, my team has a very cheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse high profile, removing the past few races, wasn’t so wonderful, our overall performance is very good. “The natural market is the focus. “I don’t want to talk about it. Lin? Ironically, rumors were more motivated by Lin. Indeed, the forests have enormous potential, but he has not been fully revealed, and a lack of stability, but in Naples, he played the best game. ”
Comforting is that Danny Welbeck scoring efficiency is low, but his enthusiasm on the pitch won the Moyers appreciated in the match in the last game against Aston Villa, and feels he has finally found a long absence, scored and rewarded not handsome trust, the plum blossoms BL made a thoroughly deserved victory victory over Manchester United. This field against West Ham Alliance, black Bell cheap nike air max 90 continues to pressed small pea starting, also is appeared in single arrow location, let Manchester United hold barge for of excited of is, in subsection 26 minutes, is Welbeck acts as a has team Kai bottle players of role, in with Rooney completed tie Hou, black Bell into big area left 8 m Department left feet low shot far post finalists, each other goalkeeper can be described as beyond.

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