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In the Milan adidas js wings 2.0 pas cher Derby, there have been very special for the Asian Football scene: the 82nd minute, guojimilandui Japan Wing Woo Woo all Derby captain of the side, while the other side is Captain of Kaka. In fact, the first captain Javier Zanetti of Inter Milan, Zanetti and Chuck smiled and hugged before the competition scene, demonstrate that Derby captain’s armband component. Hitting on 68 minutes, inter changed hands the captain’s armband adidas js instinct hi pas cher for the first time, inter Kuzmanovic replaced Javier Zanetti, the captain’s armband was Zanetti, cambiasso’s arm. As we all know, Javier Zanetti during his absence due to injury, cambiasso Inter Milan vice captain is the captain on the field.
Milan coach Inzaghi said after the game: “our boys played very well, they took out the show, we regret losing. We have to be generous nike blazer femme pas cher to congratulate inter. I feel like we’re not too good luck, missed a lot of opportunities, so losing no excuse at all. I saw a foul by goalkeeper loupan, suspected last goal offside. We played a great game, but did not win. ”
“Moyers said his lineup nike blazer homme pas cher lacked a 1 to 2 world class players here, but I felt his team had a future star. Gunuzhayi reminds me of the uh, Zirl, which is felt when I first saw gunuzhayi. I believe Moyers knows very well how to train him, and if he doesn’t know it, can always ask Ferguson’s comments. I love watching gunuzhayi’s performance this season, to see a young adidas js leopard pas cher player showed his power in many important competitions, you will be so happy, such situations may not always occur. ”

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